Dunbar Brook Trail — Monroe Bridge, MA

Dunbar Brook Trail

Monroe Bridge, MA


Monroe Bridge, MA

Trail Type: Canoe and Kayak Portage Trail

How do you manage pedestrian and boater traffic from a precipitous drop to a popular white water area? Here, Timber & Stone, LLC completed the installation of a 250-foot long series of staircases and boardwalk that allowed for safe passage from the parking area at the Dunbar Brook Picnic Area to the banks of the Deerfield River. During whitewater release weekends, kayaker and rafters use the trail to access some of the most challenging rapids on the Deerfield River.

This trail exhibits a wide range of technical elements including: the elevated boardwalk and staircase system, stone staircases, stone cribbing, timber check steps, and naturally surfaced tread.

Project Sponsor: TransCanada Hydro Northeast