Trail Maintenance and Management Planning

Trail systems in densely populated areas often reveal the impact of high-use. For example:

  • Muddy spring conditions quickly become a trail remediation disaster.
  • Unsound construction practices or dilapidated structures create unsafe conditions.
  • Lack of appropriate signage causes confusion and unwanted social trails result as users stray off the intended path.

Timber & Stone, LLC works with municipalities and organizations to develop comprehensive maintenance and management plans for existing trail systems. By performing a foot-by-foot analysis of the trail, areas of current and potential repair are identified. After fieldwork is complete, observations and analysis of the trail is compiled into a document which includes:

  • Identification and photo documentation of areas in need of repair
  • Recommendations of how to best complete the rehabilitation
  • Prioritization of trail upgrades and repairs
  • Trail construction specifications
  • Cost estimates (upon request)

Please contact us directly if you would like to receive a sample of Trail Maintenance and Management Plans completed for former clients.

“In the fall of 2010, Timber & Stone, LLC completed a Trail Maintenance Management Plan for Indian Brook Park…Josh worked with our staff to design a document that would be easy to follow and understand. The finished product was a detailed, comprehensive document that exceeded our expectations.”

— Mark Berry, Parks and Recreation Director, Town of Essex, VT